October 16th, 2017
From the Marymount High School Archives

For many of us, the first day of October is practically Halloween. Pumpkin-flavored everything shamelessly floods the supermarket shelves. Orange decorations proudly emerge from their year-long hibernation in *that* box in the garage. We secretly look forward to blasting "Monster Mash" and "Thriller" from our speakers, and horror nights become all the rage. If you're one of those people (guilty!) who has a soft spot for this holiday and is in need of some new content to consume on Netflix, never fear! To help you get psyched for Halloween, check out some of these terrifying titles on Netflix:


This thrilling Netflix original tells the tale of a young boy who mysteriously vanishes, and how his geeky band of misfit friends comes together to save him. During their search for answers, they uncover top-secret government experiments, unbelievable supernatural forces, horrifying monsters, and one very extraordinary girl. Stranger Things is chock-full of ‘80s nostalgia and many nods to iconic films like E.T., The Goonies, and Stand By Me. In short, this show contains a perfect balance of humor and horror to keep you binging for days. Get ready for your life to be turned upside down.


Some people are doctors, others are lawyers. Sam and Dean Winchester are, well, demon hunters. Supernatural follows the haunting yet hilarious journey of these two brothers and the literal and figurative demons that they face. If you enjoy the paranormal, cute actors, and truly unconventional monsters, then this show is for you. With thirteen seasons, be sure to check it out if you're in the mood for a longer binge-watch session.


You'll never get tired of this classic Halloween movie. It follows Jack Skellington, a resident of Halloweentown who is in need of a little change of scenery. When he accidentally stumbles upon Christmastown, this bonehead decides to mash the two holidays together in what turns out to be a truly unforgettable night. With a crazy cast of characters and an irresistible soundtrack that will have you singing along, this will surely become one of your favorite holiday films.


Tim Burton brings a whimsical world to life with Corpse Bride. This animated film tells the story of a young man named Victor (played by Johnny Depp) who finds himself married to a corpse after a grave misunderstanding. As a result, Victor is transported to the land of the dead where he is introduced to a colorful cast of characters that have been dying to meet him. Although the plot sounds bleak, the film itself is actually funny, lighthearted, and beautifully animated. If you love catchy soundtracks and the mystical universe of Tim Burton, definitely check this one out.


Coraline is a creepy animated classic that will give you serious goosebumps. When our young blue-haired heroine gets bored of her dull and dismal life, someone takes notice. As a result, Coraline is led to a fantastical dream world / alternate reality. Her "other parents” entice her with everything she could possibly desire, but their true colors soon begin to show. Coraline begins to realize that she's caught in a web, and it will take all of her bravery to put an end to the evil that lurks within this other world once and for all. Check out Coraline in all her sassy, spirited splendor. It will haunt you to your core-aline.


This film follows the merry misadventures of a truly dysfunctional yet iconic family. The Addams, a kooky bunch of characters who love anything gruesome, are overjoyed when their long-lost Uncle Fester shows up. However, not everyone is convinced that it's actually him. Will they find out the truth about this suspicious bald guy? With lots of laughs and memorable moments, The Addams Family deserves some serious snaps.


This creepy ‘80s comedy classic will keep you up way past midnight. When a fumbling inventor pays a visit to an antique store in Chinatown in hopes of finding a birthday present for his son Billy, he discovers a furry creature called a Mogwai (Cantonese for "monster"). The man is given three very important rules for handling his strange new pet: do not expose the Mogwai to bright lights, do not let it get wet, and never, EVER feed it after midnight. After bringing it home to his son, it doesn't take long for these rules to be broken, leading to a truly chaotic adventure you'll never forget.

With the help of these haunting selections, you'll be entertained all month long. Happy (almost) Halloween!