“Memento Mori”

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The Hollywood First-Time Filmmaker Showcase 2023  Best Short Film Winner 
Picture's Up! Film Festival 2023  Best Emerging Artist Nominee

HollyShorts Monthly Screenings 2023 - Official Selection
Picture's Up! Film Festival 2023 - Official Selection
The Hollywood First-Time Filmmaker Showcase 2023 - Official Selection
LA Student Film Festival 2023 - Official Selection
LA Latinx Film Festival 2023 - Official Selection
Mystic Film Festival 2023 - Official Selection


Director’s Statement:

I got the idea for this film in the unlikeliest of places: a Calvin & Hobbes comic strip. Hobbes asks:

Death is a very interesting thing. I’ve heard it said that the meaning of life is that it ends. I’d even venture beyond that and say that the meaning of life is the cinematic experience itself. It is being in a room and laughing and crying and feeling everything so very deeply, knowing that we will never be here again, and choosing to enjoy ourselves anyway.

Memento Mori, for me, is a byproduct of growing up in a Latino household. One of my favorite aspects of my culture is that it views death as something to be celebrated, not feared. This film is a fantastical, existential, experimental drama in the vein of The Tree of Life (2011) and Soul (2020) which posits that, perhaps, death is the very thing that makes life meaningful.


Written & Directed by Arianna Garcia
Produced & Sound Designed by Victoria Mejia
Photographed & Edited by Liam McEneaney

Cast (in order of appearance):
Peren Yesilyurt
Henry Tsai
Cat Ski
Gloria Garcia

Assistant Director: Max Hanover
Assistant Camera: Felipe MacAllister
Script Supervisor: Hana Ayala

Music Composed by Collette Jones
Original Artwork by Aasha Natsuko Dev

Created as part of the 310 Intermediate Production Course at the USC School of Cinematic Arts.