“I Weigh”

A short visual narrative about the multidimensionality of women, set to the words of Nikita Gill’s poem “What I Weigh.”


Director’s Statement:

There is an iconic Ruth Orkin photograph entitled “American Girl in Italy” that I simply could not stop thinking about when brainstorming ideas for this project. In it, a young woman makes her way down a street in Florence, passing clusters of men who unabashedly ogle and undress her with their eyes.

70 years later, the image remains as relevant as ever, sparking dialogue about street harassment and the seemingly perpetual objectification of women. With I Weigh, I wanted to use film as a medium to illustrate how women are so much more than their physical appearances. In addition to myself, this piece features two very real women in my life: my mom, and my lovely roommate/collaborator/best friend, Lily.

Created as part of the Lateral Thinking for Filmmaking Production Course at the USC School of Cinematic Arts. Co-directed by Arianna Garcia & Lily Riccio; edited by Arianna Garcia.